About us

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Company Aim & Goals

We aim to provide the advanced technology development and applications in our country and promoting technical skills development for the problems solving to provide better world. We promote effective, efficiency work done in all aspects of industrial, commercial and worldwide.
Our goal is to focus on the field of technology development in electrical engineering, aeronautics engineering, space-commercial renewable energy sources and transportations, implementations of new ideas into reality

Company values

  • Establish Innovative technology
  • Promote Skills development
  • Enable efficiency and effective work done
  • Ensure safe and reliable work environment
  • Embrace equity race and opportunities


We provides residential and commercial solar installation services across South Africa and the whole Southern Africa region.

Save Money

Green Energy is a way to reduce cost of living, Business operation and power usage, It's a Suitable investment that allows a complete payback. Have access to free energy & live a life of financial stability


We offer up to 25 years life span for solar equipment's and warranty is 10years. Our solar systems are monitored 24/7 for your peace of mind and minimal down time.

Latest projects completed

Our Safety Standards

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  • Execute all tasks as per specific requirements
  • Inspect all personal protective equipment's
  • Be Vigilant and tidy at all times
  • Ensure clean and safe working enviroment
  • Always comply execution procedure before task commence
  • Always collaborate effective for effective team work